“We are delighted to have Ladybug Yoga as a part of our enrichment program. It is a fantastic program and our kids enjoy it immensely. This is learning, at its optimum. I would highly recommend Ladybug Yoga Classes!”          

-Mike Jacobs Saint Andrew’s School

“For the past year, my three year-old daughter’s balance and agility have improved dramatically. I attribute it in no small part to the Ladybug Yoga classes, which have given her age appropriate methods to focus on her body and coordination. I appreciate that Ladybug Yoga also teaches her mindfulness and relaxation techniques, which carry over from class into her everyday routine.
Ladybug Yoga provides a safe, fun and enriching experience for my daughter, and the lessons will grow with her as she matures. I look forward to having her continue Ladybug Yoga classes in the future.”

“I’m so grateful to Ladybug Yoga. After my daughter started taking classes, she really learned how to calm herself with the breathing techniques she learned. Whether it was to calm herself during a tantrum or when she felt anxious. It is so inspiring to see. My daughter is much happier, which makes me one happy mommy!! Thanks again, Ladybug Yoga!!!”

“Ladybug Yoga has provided a unique yoga class to grades PK3-4th in our school’s after school program. The boys and girls look forward to their yoga class, and the parents and teachers look forward to the benefits the children receive from participating in Ladybug Yoga. It is always one of our full classes because it is a fantastic class!”

Anita L. Benson Gulf Stream School

“Ladybug Yoga has now been in our school for over 7 years. Children at our school thrive and look forward to each and every class. I highly recommend Ladybug Yoga to schools and to parents. The results are astounding!”

Nancy Goldstein, B’nai Torah Early Childhood Center

“Both of my kids have learned to take a yoga minute and breath deeply when they get frustrated. I can’t say enough great things about Ladybug Yoga!”


“Ladybug Yoga was such a positive addition to Eagles Landing and the Night Owls programming. Their instructors were able to engage campers from three to fifteen year old. Campers raved about their time in class and couldn¹t wait to go back!”

Bobby Eagles Landing and the Night Owls

“We LOVE Ladybug Yoga! We definitely recommend Ladybug Yoga to Everyone!”

“Ladybug Yoga children’s teacher training is absolutely unique! Sandy your commitment is amazing. Thank you so much!” Ladybug Yoga to Everyone!”

“Sandy is a breath of fresh air, her energy & passion radiated her teacher training. Ladybug Yoga is a fun, creative and it aligns with what kids & families need in their everyday lives!”

“Absolutely amazing! 100% explanation of poses & how to run classes. Would highly recommend this children’s teacher training!!”

“Fantastic training workshop. Brings a fresh approach to teaching that’s fun for children and adults!”

“Amazing training! Good way to start sharing with kids the wonderful world of Yoga!”

“My experience has been so eye opening to begin kids at a young age. The training was so organized & thorough, yet simple! Sandy and her experience is highly recommended. Thank you for the experience. I am forever grateful!!!”

“The best teacher training ever! It was fun and filled with knowledge. We had a great time learning kids yoga”